Small batch of silicone film forming

Prototypes and production parts can be machined in as little as 1 day

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The company is equipped with large and medium-sized low-pressure pouring system, can be based on the prototype of the product to quickly produce silica gel mold, resin mold, through the low-pressure pouring and low-pressure pouring system, small batch production of plastic parts samples. The investment of silicone mold and resin mold is far lower than the investment of steel mold and other industrial equipment, and greatly shorten the trial production cycle, reduce the investment risk of products, and greatly improve the market competitiveness of customers.

What are the advantages of small batches of silicone film forming?

1. No deformation or shrinkage of silica gel mold; High temperature resistant, mould can be used repeatedly after forming; Provide convenience for product imitation

B. Manufacturability feedback design

C. Domestic production and support

D. Unlimited capacity

E. Material selection

Silica gel complex mold processing process

Manufacturing prototype:


Manufacturing prototype: based on the 3D drawings provided by the customer, the prototype is produced after CNC processing, SLA laser rapid prototyping or 3D printing. learn more



Injection type: the liquid gum material is injected into the silicone mold and cured for 30-60 minutes in a 60°-70° thermostat, then the mold can be removed. If necessary, the mold can be cured for 2-3 hours in a 70°-80° thermostat. Under normal circumstances, the working life of silicone mold is 15-20 times. learn more >

Why do silicone film forming small batch in Mingren

The way of cooperation is flexible

Be able to quickly respond to market dynamics and provide parts according to market demand to simplify your supply chain

Mass customization of product lines

Rapidly iterating part design and accelerating product development in response to market demand.

injection molding mold cavity block illustration

The time cycle is guaranteed

Stable production line to ensure product quality and production cycle

Cancel the minimum order

There is no minimum order quantity, which reduces the inventory cost and storage cost.

Material selection

We stock more than 30 kinds of engineering grade plastics and metal materials for various parts applications and industries. Materials range from plastics such as ABS, polycarbonate, nylon and PEEK to aluminum, stainless steel, magnesium and copper.