sample prototyping

Role: one is to reflect the design thinking, the second is exhibition display, the third is to test the mold structure

What can we do for you?
What can we do for you?

The hand plate is also called the first plate, that is, the first sample of the product. When the product is designed, it can make the design more specific and intuitive through the quick production of the sample. Any defects and flaws can be made up and improved in the early stage of product development, so that the product has a mature design before the mold is opened quickly and save money.

What does the role of hand plate molding have specifically?

A. Check the appearance design: reflect the designer's idea in form, color, size and material through the solid model made. It provides effective physical reference for further communication, evaluation, modification and improvement of the design scheme and testing the rationality of the design scheme.

B. Detection structure design: The hand plate can verify whether the structure meets the predetermined requirements, such as the rationality of the structure, the difficulty of installation, the detail processing of ergonomic scale, etc.

C. Reduce development risks: By detecting the hand plate, problems can be found and solved before mold opening, so as to avoid problems during mold opening and cause unnecessary losses.

D. Fast marketing: According to the characteristics of fast manufacturing speed, many companies will make use of hand boards for product publicity and early sales before mold development to quickly push new products to the market.

Thermoplastic and thermosetting materials

Thermoplastic and thermosetting materials

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Color matching and finishing options

Use color matching and various finishing options for molding to improve cosmetics, provide custom effects and other benefits.learn more

Why do injection molding in Mingren?

The way of cooperation is flexible

Be able to quickly respond to market dynamics and provide parts according to market demand to simplify your supply chain

Mass customization of product lines

Rapidly iterating part design and accelerating product development in response to market demand.

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The time cycle is guaranteed

Stable production line to ensure product quality and production cycle

Cancel the minimum order

There is no minimum order quantity, which reduces the inventory cost and storage cost.

Do market research before production

Design and market validation with reasonably priced options prior to capital investment in the instrument

Off-line emergency

If there is an internal production or supply chain problem, use on-demand parts for quick recovery.


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