CNC machining

Prototypes and production parts can be machined in as little as 1 day

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Looking for a reliable and fast supplier of machined plastic and metal parts? With hundreds of CNC machine tools, our unparalleled internal production capacity ensures that your parts are delivered on time every time. At Ming-Ren, our AS9100 certified CNC machines are designed for rapid prototyping and small batch production of end-use components.

What are the advantages of CNC machining?

A. Fast and reliable delivery

B. Manufacturability feedback design

C. Domestic production and support

D. Unlimited capacity

E. Material selection

Numerical control processing technology

Production CNC machining


Do I need to produce the processing parts? For quantities greater than 15, we offer competitive prices, as well as first piece inspection (FAI) reports, material certification and other finishing options (such as anodizing and chromate plating).learn more

Threading options and guidelines

For machined parts, you can easily add thread features, including keys and coil plugins. These can be specified in your interactive quote. After the quote is returned, the 3D display will show the type of thread that each feature might use. You can select a different thread (if possible) or no thread at all functionally.learn more

Why do CNC machining in Mingren

Fast and reliable delivery

Quickly iterate the parts design and accelerate product development by quickly turning parts. Our automated design analysis will help you identify design difficulties and then send the design to the production floor to avoid costly rework later in the product development cycle.


When you upload a 3D CAD file to request a quote, we will analyze the geometry of your parts to identify any features that may be difficult to process, such as tall, thin walls or holes that cannot be threaded.

injection molding mold cavity block illustration

Domestic production and support

Work with a trusted American manufacturer to eliminate the risk of sending parts overseas. You can also call or email us at any time and we will help you order parts, design feedback, material Suggestions and answer any questions.

Infinite capacity

Eliminates downtime spent waiting for parts, and protects internal machining with on-demand release and unlimited manufacturing capacity.

Material selection

We stock more than 30 kinds of engineering grade plastics and metal materials for various parts applications and industries. Materials range from plastics such as ABS, polycarbonate, nylon and PEEK to aluminum, stainless steel, magnesium and copper.