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The company has domestic advanced 3D printing, laser molding, low pressure perfusion, vacuum complex mold, CNC machining center, special process research and development, reverse engineering and other equipment. The production technology includes CNC plastic and metal processing center, laser scanning, vacuum remolding, low-pressure pouring, UV curing, paint baking, printing, screen printing, electroplating, anodic oxidation, vacuum coating, wire cutting, electric spark, grinding sand blasting, ash spraying, etc. Can complete all molding and surface treatment technology, to provide customers with a comprehensive product development, trial production, mass production solutions, to meet the customer's batch design, production requirements.

Since its establishment, the company has always taken customer demand as the primary standard, constantly introducing new technology, new ideas, new methods, to provide customers with domestic first-class service standards and user experience. Adhering to the concept of honesty, strength first, innovation and win-win, the company helps customers solve problems in the process of new product development, which has been highly recognized by the market and users, and has successfully served thousands of units and individuals. In recent years, it has a good development momentum, especially in the fields of auto parts, robots and electric motorcycles, with rich production experience and broad market prospects.


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Specializing in injection molding, sheet metal processing, CNC processing, 3D printing, technology and other processing business

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